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Are you curious about a new gadget in market? Are you confused about which one is the right investment? Do you wish to stay updated with the latest news of the tech-market? To make your techie-life easier, Gadget News is here to establish a power-packed dais for product discovery. Explore everything you should know about latest gadgets, technology and products. The apparent and the not so apparent- find everything listed right here.

Gadget News is the brainchild of Nickolas Henry and Will Tudor. Founded in 2015, there is a single goal that we carry- to make online product discovery simple. Find the latest news and reviews of your favorite product. The Dos and Don’ts of apps, software and gadgets are listed to simplify the technology.



  • Nickolas Henry – an engineer by degree, technology and gadgets were always a passion. The idea for Gadget News popped up when finding the apt “how to” about products seemed difficult. Thus, the idea of a simple website with simple reviews, tips and news was born.A passionate writer, Nickolas spends his leisure time freelancing for various magazines. On weekends, he likes cooking, television and reading. Of course, checking out new gadgets is always his favorite activity!


  • Will Tudor – When the idea of Gadget News was proposed, Will had a lot to input. With an experience of working for over 5 years in a leading tech company, Will gave a prime hand in laying the foundation of this website. Life has not been the same thereon. Every new gadget catches his hawk’s eye first. Working on latest news and upcoming gadgets is his forte. Besides that, he is an avid cricket fan and loves travelling.




  • Analysis– you will find the best analysis of the latest products in market every week. Develop your tech-skills by reading our reviews. Learn what to see and what not to see in products.
  • News– Biggest launches and the smallest events- we capture it all. What every company promises to deliver and what they actually deliver, we will let you know exactly which pocket to look into.
  • Apps and OS– read about the best apps for your PC, tablets and mobile. With various options and a vast market, keep updated with Android, Windows and iOS and everything that is in store!
  • Tokens– what could be a better gift than a useful gadget? With great descriptions and suggestions, you can select just what will make your dear ones happy.
  • Wish List- Are you saving a product for your wish list? Find the reviews of upcoming products too. What to expect and what not to expect will be all narrated in style for you!


Our reviews involve a lot research, analysis and case study. We aim to give you nothing short of the best. We target to make the path of product breakthrough smooth so that you can understand every product. Whether you are a tech-freak or an alien in the world of technology, surf through and discover the best for you!