How To Deal With An Electrical Emergency

Many individuals normally take electricity for granted. Even though it is an easy and an efficient way to power our businesses and homes, we should equally know its associated dangers. Electric shocks may result in anything from a small injury or pain to serious burns to heart failure or even death on most occasions. During an electrical emergency, it is essential to do the right thing, calmly and quickly. Many situations are arising from the regular use of electricity in your everyday life which can be classified as emergencies. So today in this particular post, we want to examine a few examples of electrical emergencies.


An always tripping circuit breaker.

A circuit breaker is designed to protect your home appliances or building from sudden spikes of electricity. Without circuit breakers, your dryer, microwaves well as other devices could potentially overload or quickly overheat and catch fire. When you have a regularly tripping circuit breaker, you could be in for serious problems. Replacing or repairing a malfunctioning circuit breaker can be very dangerous for the untrained homeowner like you. This means that you only seek the help of a professional and a licensed electrician Malvern who can properly restore normal operation or even install a newer version for a safer and more efficient use.

Knowing when to contact an electrician regarding a damaged circuit breaker can be confusing. In short, electrical problems like this cannot be solved with a simple trick! You’ll need to make a call to your local electrical contractor Melbourne when:

  • You can hear hissing, buzzing or even popping sounds from the breakers.
  • You can smell a burning substance from the breaker panel.
  • Your circuit breaker constantly trips, even after resetting it.
  • If your circuit breaker is hot to touch.
  • You can see visible damages such as frayed wires or burned metal.

A regularly tripping circuit breaker probably means that you have an overloaded circuit. Typically, this happens when your gadgets that use lots of energy such as screen TVs, space heaters and perhaps hair dryers are connected to the same circuit.


Electric shock.

On most occasions, an electric shock does not kill the affected individual immediately. In fact, it will only stop the heart, force muscles to contract, cause severe burns and even paralyse the breathing system. Often shock victims will not let go of the appliance which is transferring the current to the body. The question now becomes, what should you do when you experience an electric shock?

In the event of an electric shock, you should conduct the following:

  • If possible that there is no danger of you also being electrocuted, switch off your power source and remove the plug. If you are unable to turn it off, use heavy duty insulating gloves or anything made of rubber, curved dry wood or a dry cloth to free the electrocuted individual.
  • You should not physically touch the shock victim’s body until the current is safely turned off.
  • You should never try to rescue a person in instances where a high voltage of electrical current is involved.
  • Seek immediate attention for the affected victim.

It is imperative to note that the injuries and the fatalities caused by electric shocks can typically be prevented by installing safety switches in properties and homes in general. If you didn’t know, a safety switch monitors the flow of electric current through a circuit. It can detect a potential immediately the current leaves the circuit, turning the power off within a matter of seconds.

Evidently, that’s quick enough to save your life and can as well help prevent costly damages and fires to your apartment.


Power outages.

Blackouts or power outages can occur as a result of various problems. However, the storm is perhaps the most common cause. High and intense winds can cause the trees to fall across power lines thereby interrupting the regular supply of electricity. In the event of a power failure, you should turn off all your cooling and heating appliances such as iron, stove, heaters as well as your air conditioners. Also, you should turn off your DVD player, TVs computer plus any other electrical appliances. Finally, you should contact your local qualified electrical contractors and let them know that your power has experienced an outage.

Bearing in mind that power outages commonly occur at any time and will find you unawares, arrangements should be put in place so as to ensure that your cooking activity is not compromised. As a result, an alternative heating and cooking appliances must be established. Some gas appliances normally require electricity to operate. This implies that you should always ensure that gas connections on your portable devices are maintained in good working conditions. Again, you should consider a backup power supply if you are over-reliant on electricity.


The Bottom Line.

It is necessary for you to have a certified electrician examine all the wiring and appliances in your home during an electrical emergency. Again, it is critical to have a chemical fire extinguisher at your disposal, especially in your kitchen. This will make it easier for you to handle any electrical emergency issues, especially fire outbreaks.

The Newest Technology That’s Changing Air Conditioning

Modern air conditioning has been around since the early 1900s, with the first ever modern air conditioner having been invented by Willis Carrier in 1902. It has been a constantly evolving industry ever since.

But in the last few years, the air conditioning industry has seen a slew of highly advanced and game-changing innovations that will set the course for the future of the industry. Green technology, in particular, has been making a mark in the most modern and sought after HVAC units.  

If you want to know more about the leaps and bounds that are being made in the HVAC world, read on and be in awe!

An Air Conditioner that Runs on Solar Energy and Gas

Can you imagine an air conditioner that won’t rack up your monthly electricity bill? An Australian company called Chromasun has invented a chiller that’s powered using solar energy, providing a more environment-friendly and cost-efficient option vs. traditional air conditioning units that run on electricity.  The Sydney-based company also made sure that its chillers can also be powered by gas when there is not enough solar power.



An Air Conditioner that Runs on Ice

The Ice Bear air conditioning unit, developed by California-based company Ice Energy, runs by freezing water in a tank over a course of a few hours and utilising that ice to cool a designated space the next day. The product claims to reduce energy consumption and can cool even large buildings for up to six hours. Unlike the standalone solar and gas-powered chiller, the Ice Bear operates alongside a traditional air conditioning unit, aiming to reduce energy consumption instead of eradicating it completely.


Motion-Activated Air Conditioners

Using sensors installed from the ceiling of a particular space, this technology is able to activate the air conditioner only when the sensors detect movement, that is when it knows someone is in the room. You can thank the engineers at MIT for this innovation that, while fairly simple, can provide a large potential for cost savings and the reduction of wasted energy.


Mosquito-Repellent Room Air Conditioners

The prevalence of dengue and malaria in tropical climates is a problematic issue that many nations face. HVAC companies have taken their desire to develop air conditioners with health benefits to the next level by inventing AC units that actually repel mosquitoes, on top of zapping harmful airborne pollutants and contaminants. The technology was developed by Korean brand LG specifically for the Philippines.


Quiet Duct Wrap Made From Unexpected Material

You’ll never guess what this eco-friendly, “green” duct wrap is made of: recycled denim from landfills. The discarded material is given new life by The Green Products Company, which transforms the denim into Quiet Duct Wrap.


Software that Provides Energy Analysis

We currently rely on HVAC technicians or consultants to provide us with a recommendation on our home’s cooling requirements. But the teams behind Green Building Studio and Energy Gauge have developed software that can help engineers and architects plan out and recommend air conditioners for their designs, calculating the most optimal HVAC system for a particular space.

Getting Your Air Conditioner Ready for the Summer in 3 Easy Steps

It’s that time of the year again – when the sun seems to shine a little brighter and the days seem to last a little longer. When you can finally leave the cardigan and sweater at home and sport your sleeveless tops, shorts, and sundresses. Summer is a time to indulge in long road trips to the beach, ice-cold lemonade, smoothies and ice cream sundaes.

But summer also means the heat can get unbearable – especially inside your home. At the hottest of days, the risk of suffering from a heat stroke or heat exhaustion can get all too real.

Which is why part of your summer preparations should include getting your trusty home air conditioner for the season. It can feel like a hassle and a chore, but getting this valuable summer home appliance before the heat starts getting unbearable is the best way to ensure your home remains a comfortable place to live in even during the hottest time of the year.   

And getting your air conditioner summer-ready needn’t be a hassle! Here are three stress-free steps to air conditioner preparation.

  1. Clean Out or Replace the Air Filter

The air filter is one of the most important components of your air conditioner, as it helps purify the cooled air it blows into your home. But air filters, being the first line of defence against dust and dirt, can get clogged up and dirty.

Thankfully, it’s easy to access the air filter. You can easily disassemble it from your air conditioner unit for cleaning or if needed, a replacement.

A number of modern air conditioner models will shut off automatically if the air filter has gotten too dirty, so to prevent this from happening, make sure your air conditioner’s air filter is in perfect condition before the summer season begins.

  1. Clean Up the Condenser Unit

Often located outdoors for split-type air conditioners, the condenser unit should be protected with a cover or tarp during the months when the air conditioner isn’t used. Before you start operating your air conditioner again during the summer, be sure to clean the condenser unit and its surrounding area, removing any debris, leaves, and dirt that it has accumulated.

Once done cleaning the external portion of the condenser unit, use a screwdriver to disassemble the condenser unit, so you can inspect the condenser coils inside. Use a refrigerator coil brush or a vacuum to clean the condenser coils if necessary.

  1. Inspect the Coolant Lines

Check the refrigerant tubes that connect the indoor evaporator unit to the outdoor condenser unit and make sure the foam coolant line that covers and insulates the tubes are intact and undamaged. Replace any portion of the insulation that has been damaged, which can easily be done by installing new foam insulation sleeves.

Don’t forget to turn on your air conditioner for a test run to make sure it is running smoothly and without a hitch. An air conditioner running in tip-top shape can definitely make summer days at your home more comfortable and memorable!  

Field agent scheduling software for HVAC contractors

One of the biggest problems HVAC contractors face during their operations is unable to schedule work effectively. Time spent in assigning jobs to technicians, coordinating team, invoicing, managing customer information is huge concerns for contractors. Without the use of an efficient system, a lot of time is wasted in paperwork, futile communication with field technicians, inaccurate invoices, etc. and you will remain drowned in wasteful paperwork forever.

Under such circumstances, using a reliable scheduling software can help set up an effective system for scheduling and dispatching operations, while saving time, and increasing customer satisfaction and profits. Such field service software tools can make both contractors and technicians more efficient and competitive throughout their HVAC program.

Efficient time management is a crucial factor in HVAC business operation to increase income. All sort of time issues can be solved with the utilization of HVAC scheduling software, allowing you to work out customer problems quickly and ensure work is scheduled in an efficient manner. Melbourne Air Conditioning Repair uses scheduling software to help them offer their clients same day service. They can quickly identify any available spots in their technician schedules and assign work to the closest available technician.


Benefits to HVAC Scheduling Software:


  • Set up a centralized system to control your business process in which there will be no more delays or wondering for who, what or where, etc.
  • Schedule appointments, emergency calls and back-office chores
  • Make your technicians and equipment on-the-go for services and avoid wasting time in techs checking in.
  • Utilizing the interactive map gets you to the right service location without crisscrossing
  • Customers hate redundant appointments and trips. So, you can eliminate the waiting game by giving them an estimate, order approval, and scheduling quickly.
  • Accurate invoicing can be processed online while technicians are on the work.
  • Customers’ questions can be answered without keep them waiting.
  • Keep track of funds whether you accept cash, checks, or credit cards.


So, with a reliable scheduling software, you and your technicians can effectively manage work orders, schedules, equipment availability, customer site information through mobile access, while saving time and increasing income.


Windows 10 hits all the right buttons

Microsoft’s plunge into touch-based computing with Windows 8 did not go too well. It did not make an impact with the usual users and developers. For all those who were disappointed, Windows 10 is here to make amends!

Microsoft is offering free upgrades from Windows 7 and 8 to Windows 10. This version sure seems to be a great hybrid of the last two versions.

Let us see why Windows 10 should be a hit-

Widows 10 Start Menu

  • Start Menu Makes a Comeback– it should have never disappeared. Nevertheless, it has made a grand return with an amazing make over. Therefore, the positioning is just where you remember it- in the bottom left corner of your screen. The windows 8 tiles are now fitted into the Start menu so that they do not cover your screen.The Start menu can be customized with contemporary as well as conventional apps of your choice. Settings, shut down and restart options have an easy access. There is a list of the most used apps as well!


  • Gorgeous theme– Yes, every version of windows comes with a brand new theme and so does Windows 10. This time it is a grand black theme. However, if it does not suit you, you may customize that as well. Like Windows Vista, the Windows 10 has added a slight transparency effects to the menu and task bar. This gives it a fresh look!


  • Smooth Navigation– Navigation is smooth is ever! The good news is that the hot corners are gone. Cheers! App alerts and settings are now looked after by the Action Center.The latest Snap feature makes multitasking a joy. Click and drag any pane to the monitor’s edge and snap it. All the snapped panes will line up in an assortment.

    The Task View lines up all the open panels in one space. Thus, navigating between multiple  windows is smooth and quick!


  • Its Very Own Virtual Assistant– Ever wanted to have your own Siri? Well, be glad with its Windows version named Cortana. Now you too can search with voice commands or hurl questions with the “hey Cortana” command.Since it is cloud powered, you can synchronize the same information and data in your laptop, PC or phone. The most remarkable is its reminder feature. Simply set a reminder with Cortana to collect clothes from the laundry. As soon as you near your laundry, the reminder will activate.
  • New Browser– The ‘Edge’, though a brand new browser, bears striking similarity to the Internet Explorer. It is neat and smooth but does not have many features of the latest browsers.

The Xbox app, convenient mailing app and other inbuilt apps of the Windows 10, make it a pleasure to use. The latest Windows Store. Apps, games, music, movies, and TV are now assorted in a single space for best convenience. The development of Windows 10 is brilliant and one does not need an exhaustive tutorial to get equipped with it. It is better than the best you have seen until age. For any assistance installing or upgrading to Windows 10 get in contact with Jack B.


Why the Samsung Gear S2 is a Show Stopper

Samsung has delivered a master-stroke with its latest gadget – the Samsung Gear S2 smart watch. Now you will not have to deal with bulky, ugly and non-responsive gadgets that are complex to use. The Gear S2 is the most uncomplicated device that you have ever seen

This Samsung gadget flaunts a cool 1.2-inch AMOLED display with a whopping PPI of 302. That is not as sharp as its Apple counterpart is but is great nevertheless. Gear S2 is sleek and slim at 1.14 cm. The screen is evidently brighter and precise than its predecessors. With its sporty look and waterproof body (up to 1.5m), it guarantees a great user experience.


The construction is hardcore and the look will easily make way into your heart. The spinning bezel is dazzling as you use it to flip through the apps, notifications, and view messages or to select just the right emoticon. That grabs all the attention of the techies out there!

There is this instant urge to rotate the dial on this gadget. The round menus make it further enticing. Spinning it to the left displays notifications and right displays widgets that you may customize as per your needs. You can add your day’s tasks, calendar, and update yourself with the weather on the home page. You may gauge your heart rate and daily work out as well!

To give you a smooth experience, there are back and home buttons installed on the smart watch. Going back to the previous screen is facilitated with the back button and the home button takes you to the applications menu. Thereafter, one can easily spin the bezel to flip through various pages.

The sensor is amazing. Go through your notifications or simply dismiss them in a stroke. Glide your finger through the messages or simply tap on the apps you wish to explore. The Gear S2 is by far has the most hassle free navigation!


The watch can be your fitness friend as well. It does more than merely counting your steps. The Gear S2 estimates the number of hours that you have been active, moderately active or inactive. You might feel like a smack when you stand up after a long lazy hour on your couch and your watch congratulates you! Well, that could be good for you. Your pulse can be monitored regularly and a whole lot of information can be stored for your workout routine. For those who love to be fit, it is the right coach to keep by you.

Messaging is easier now. With flexible options such as quick access to favourite, ready to use templates, emoticons on the menu and S-voice feature one can respond swiftly without having to pester yourself between many tabs!

The battery is really long lasting and reliable. Using it for hours and hours will not drain it out, which gives it an edge over other smart-watches. Overall, the Samsung Gear S2 offers to a great punch with its waterproof body, solid battery life, spinning bezel interface, amazing fit, sleek and slender contour!

The Macbook Pro Challenger – Microsoft Surface Book Review

Surfacebook Pro in Hybrid Mode

How many times have you wished to enjoy the portability of a tablet and convenience of a laptop together? Microsoft has launched a hybrid just to make such convenience available. Microsoft’s Surface Book is literally split into two- the keyboard and the display. Together they harbor to be a marvelous notebook. Flip the cover, lay it flat, put it down on upon the keyboard or detach it to use it as a gigantic tablet! It transitions from one look to another with ease.

The Surfacebook can be be used as a laptop or a tablet

The Surfacebook can be be used as a laptop or a tablet

Microsoft has launched a challenger to step into the zone of Windows 10 laptops and be the budding champion amongst consumers. Conventional PC manufacturers have a reason to worry now. This gadget offers the finest features but at a premium price.

However, Microsoft takes the big dig to compete against just one company – Apple. Both present and potential MacBook Pro users are likely to be attracted to this Microsoft product.

Let us see whether with its crazy hinge and flexible design, Surface Book manages to stand up with MacBook Pro (13-inch version).

Surfacebook pro new flexible hinge design

Surfacebook pro new flexible hinge design

The look is dashing. It has a complete aluminum look, which gives it a groovy edge! The cover displays a reflective Windows logo, which is cool. It is not as sleek and glossy as the MacBook, but the groovy look has its own class.

The display is a stunning 3000x 2000 pixels, 13.5-inch piece. The output is clear, precise and detailed. The viewing angles are amazing. The show stealer here is its touch-enabled and pen-enabled feature. With a PPI of 267 and at 13 inches, it belongs to the retina-class in every way. MacBook Pro, has a PPI of only 227 and is retina-class at 15 inches.

As opposed to Microsoft’s Core i7 processor, the Apple MacBook Pro uses a Core i5. The CPU performance seems similar. The battery life of Microsoft is a whopping 12 hours when used with the keyboard. The screen when used as a tablet, gives a battery life of 3 hours. The MacBook Pro on the other hand sports a 10 hours battery life.

Surfacebook and stylus

Surfacebook and stylus

The company’s VP engineering Panos Panay brags the Surface Book to be doubly faster than the MacBook Pro. The MacBook Pro consumes a great wattage. It is installed with the dual-core 28-watt chip and 2.7 GHZ basic clock speed. On the other hand, the Surface Books has the Skylake dual-core, which is a 15-watt chip. It sports a cool clock speed of 2.4GHz and a 3GHz Turbo Boost.

To cut it short, the Surface Book is a terrific device. It is a show stealer with its distinctive and well-constructed design. As a tablet, it is strikingly light and exhibits a gorgeous screen! The pen input is a remarkable feature and works well. The keyboard is comfortable to use and the performance is swift. For those who feel hesitant to shell out large bucks for the premium model, can choose from the six available varieties.