Windows 10 hits all the right buttons

Microsoft’s plunge into touch-based computing with Windows 8 did not go too well. It did not make an impact with the usual users and developers. For all those who were disappointed, Windows 10 is here to make amends!

Microsoft is offering free upgrades from Windows 7 and 8 to Windows 10. This version sure seems to be a great hybrid of the last two versions.

Let us see why Windows 10 should be a hit-

Widows 10 Start Menu

  • Start Menu Makes a Comeback– it should have never disappeared. Nevertheless, it has made a grand return with an amazing make over. Therefore, the positioning is just where you remember it- in the bottom left corner of your screen. The windows 8 tiles are now fitted into the Start menu so that they do not cover your screen.The Start menu can be customized with contemporary as well as conventional apps of your choice. Settings, shut down and restart options have an easy access. There is a list of the most used apps as well!


  • Gorgeous theme– Yes, every version of windows comes with a brand new theme and so does Windows 10. This time it is a grand black theme. However, if it does not suit you, you may customize that as well. Like Windows Vista, the Windows 10 has added a slight transparency effects to the menu and task bar. This gives it a fresh look!


  • Smooth Navigation– Navigation is smooth is ever! The good news is that the hot corners are gone. Cheers! App alerts and settings are now looked after by the Action Center.The latest Snap feature makes multitasking a joy. Click and drag any pane to the monitor’s edge and snap it. All the snapped panes will line up in an assortment.

    The Task View lines up all the open panels in one space. Thus, navigating between multiple  windows is smooth and quick!


  • Its Very Own Virtual Assistant– Ever wanted to have your own Siri? Well, be glad with its Windows version named Cortana. Now you too can search with voice commands or hurl questions with the “hey Cortana” command.Since it is cloud powered, you can synchronize the same information and data in your laptop, PC or phone. The most remarkable is its reminder feature. Simply set a reminder with Cortana to collect clothes from the laundry. As soon as you near your laundry, the reminder will activate.
  • New Browser– The ‘Edge’, though a brand new browser, bears striking similarity to the Internet Explorer. It is neat and smooth but does not have many features of the latest browsers.

The Xbox app, convenient mailing app and other inbuilt apps of the Windows 10, make it a pleasure to use. The latest Windows Store. Apps, games, music, movies, and TV are now assorted in a single space for best convenience. The development of Windows 10 is brilliant and one does not need an exhaustive tutorial to get equipped with it. It is better than the best you have seen until age. For any assistance installing or upgrading to Windows 10 get in contact with Jack B.