Why the Samsung Gear S2 is a Show Stopper

Samsung has delivered a master-stroke with its latest gadget – the Samsung Gear S2 smart watch. Now you will not have to deal with bulky, ugly and non-responsive gadgets that are complex to use. The Gear S2 is the most uncomplicated device that you have ever seen

This Samsung gadget flaunts a cool 1.2-inch AMOLED display with a whopping PPI of 302. That is not as sharp as its Apple counterpart is but is great nevertheless. Gear S2 is sleek and slim at 1.14 cm. The screen is evidently brighter and precise than its predecessors. With its sporty look and waterproof body (up to 1.5m), it guarantees a great user experience.


The construction is hardcore and the look will easily make way into your heart. The spinning bezel is dazzling as you use it to flip through the apps, notifications, and view messages or to select just the right emoticon. That grabs all the attention of the techies out there!

There is this instant urge to rotate the dial on this gadget. The round menus make it further enticing. Spinning it to the left displays notifications and right displays widgets that you may customize as per your needs. You can add your day’s tasks, calendar, and update yourself with the weather on the home page. You may gauge your heart rate and daily work out as well!

To give you a smooth experience, there are back and home buttons installed on the smart watch. Going back to the previous screen is facilitated with the back button and the home button takes you to the applications menu. Thereafter, one can easily spin the bezel to flip through various pages.

The sensor is amazing. Go through your notifications or simply dismiss them in a stroke. Glide your finger through the messages or simply tap on the apps you wish to explore. The Gear S2 is by far has the most hassle free navigation!


The watch can be your fitness friend as well. It does more than merely counting your steps. The Gear S2 estimates the number of hours that you have been active, moderately active or inactive. You might feel like a smack when you stand up after a long lazy hour on your couch and your watch congratulates you! Well, that could be good for you. Your pulse can be monitored regularly and a whole lot of information can be stored for your workout routine. For those who love to be fit, it is the right coach to keep by you.

Messaging is easier now. With flexible options such as quick access to favourite, ready to use templates, emoticons on the menu and S-voice feature one can respond swiftly without having to pester yourself between many tabs!

The battery is really long lasting and reliable. Using it for hours and hours will not drain it out, which gives it an edge over other smart-watches. Overall, the Samsung Gear S2 offers to a great punch with its waterproof body, solid battery life, spinning bezel interface, amazing fit, sleek and slender contour!